The Sealergo-Cart System (Canadian and U.S. patents applied for) facilitates the loading of open-top, 55 gallon drums of automotive sealer into pump elevators. The system may consist of one, two or more carts, and a custom one-piece drop-in transition plate designed for most 55 gallon pump elevators.


Benefits of the Sealergo-Cart System:
The Sealergo-Cart System is a safe, easy method of handling heavy drums of sealers and adhesives. Quite simply, by reducing the physical demands placed on the user, we have rendered existing methods obsolete.

In designing the Sealergo-Cart System, our goal was to concentrate on user ergonomics. We believe we have achieved our goal, and our satisfied customers support this conclusion.

  • Greatly reduces potential injury by eliminating tipping clamp-drum carts
  • Minimizes risk of damage to pump follower plate and/or lift cylinder rod
  • Releases skilled tradespeople for other duties.
Sealergo-Cart with drum
How it works:
1. A full drum of sealer or adhesive is placed on the Sealergo-Cart System by the fork-lift operator.
2. The Sealergo-Cart is rolled under the pump elevator and locked into correct position using the integrated parking brake.
3. The drum is emptied.
4. The Sealergo-Cart is rolled away and replaced with a full drum on a backup cart.

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